Why should YOU choose Paul Easton Basketball?

We offer players a unique training experience that will more than just help them with their improvement on the court. We want to empower players to be confident, focused, hard working, and successful individuals.


We believe in and emphasize sound fundamentals. For the player to execute at a high level they must first master the basics – footwork, ball handling, shooting form, etc.

Game Related Drills

Our drills always serve a purpose for the player. We want the player to be able to use the drills and skills they learn effectively in a game. We want to improve their current skill set and turn weaknesses into strengths so they have the confidence to be the player they want to be.

Work Ethic

Hard and consistent work is the only way to improve. The athlete will be pushed physically and mentally so they can break comfort zones and begin improvement.


Our players are our family. We work and grow together. We want to be there to help push them through adversity and teach them how to handle as many situations as they can.