Coach Aaron Walsh

Skills Specialist


Coach Aaron Walsh is from Hyattsville, Maryland. He played at Jericho Christian Academy in Landover, MD, under the former NBA/ Georgetown Alum Reggie Williams. Jericho Christian Academy was in an independent league and played several top rank teams such as Montrose Christian Academy, Riverdale Baptist, etc. After Jericho, he decided to play for Marymount University in Arlington, VA in 2009. In his four years, he was a 3 year starter, 2 year captain and recipient winner of the Coaches Award for 2 years.

While working summer basketball camps at Marymount, he realized he not only loved to play the game but also to teach it as well. He was already a part time fitness instructor at YMCA National Capital so being able to get the best out of his players came naturally. After graduating, he decided to follow his passion and teach the game he truly loves. He was not only impressed by Coach Paul’s training but also by what he stood for so he decided to join the Paul Easton Basketball Team.

Coach Aaron believes that the skills gained through basketball can be used to achieve goals on AND off the court.

You will find Coach Aaron’s unique set of drills beneficial for both guards and post players (offensively AND defensively).